Made of all stainless steel of seven ply structure. Professional specification for its heat conduction and durability.   What canging, the thing not changing. it was born int order to taste the delicacy of boiled rice original thoroughly.
10 merits of the products convenient to use.   Excellent thickness bottom single layer structural pan in heat insulation. The lusterless finished satin is glad to use.
It boasts of the number of items that exceeds 100, and a popular series of MIYACO that continues since 1982.   MIYACO manufactures traditional Japanee metal kitchen wares available for the present use and suitable for new age.
December, 2005
RICE POT was put on the market.

Three-ply structure of a RICE POT made of stainless steel aluminum and titanium which is born for the first time in the world.

The good and reliable quality for
a longtime use.

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