It reached to an extrame of the comfortable nature in all kitchen enviroument, and the ease of using was made into SHAPE.

A daily hard work in kitchen has the optimal product made from stainless steel which is proud of the outstanding durability.
A main part is a strong product made from stainless steel.
Stainless steel is the material excellent in durability, is strong also to cooking work in a high calorie heat source.
And it is hard to rust, and since care is also easy, you can use regularly forever cleanly.

Lusterless satin finish delightful to daily use whose ease of using is charm.
The appearance to have keot using the long tract of years was taken in advance, and a stainless pan was finished up from the beginning like a matted satin. It is possible to use it because it is unremarkable even if it rubs with metallic scrubbing brush etc. or wound attaches without constraints.

Stickle about material and construction --thick bottom single layer structure- coresspndence to a heast source was realized.
Since the material of the main part of a pan is using owner magnetism stainless steel(YUS180). You can use also for an electromagnetic heater.
Of course, it is full correspondence also to all heat sources, such as high calorie gas and ahalogen heater.

Electric heat source 200V correspondence
It boasts of the side, and the structure to thicken the bottom thinly flat can cook effeciently by integrating with the heat source, and boasts of excellent heat insulation.
Correspondence heat source
(*It is not possible to use it for the oven and the microwave oven)
  • Gas
  • Halogen heater
  • Cooking heater
  • Electromagnetic cooker

Neither nutrient nor good of the material is missed by the water seal's working. There is no a large amount of hot water any longer needing.
Sustina can cook anhydorous boiled up healthily and delicious by moisture and a small amount of water when washing.

It finishes delicious with beatiful by the thickness bottom and kept warm good. The temperatire of oil is kept constant, and little oil is fried well.

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