10 merits of the products convenient to use.
Removable handle and nest set system of the body enable a compact storage with ease.

The pots can be stored to pile up by means of the removable handle.

Distinguished in safety and durability.
Capable of handling by one touch operation.
Just take off the handle and you need not worry about scorching food while cooking by high-caloric gas.

The pot is easy to maintain and is of sanitary structure.
Integrated moulding and keep clean free from stain.

The flanges turn quickly into handles.

You need not to use handles for the pot.
Just hold the flanges making use of a pair of mittens.

The structure of three-ply steel pot with an aluminum sheet inside conveys heat evenly all over the pot.

Distinguished heat efficiency saves energy. Seves time and energy resources.

Applicable to every kinds of heat sources.

Water-less, Oil-less. Capable of cooking by remaining heat.

Water seal to be formed between the body of pot and its cover enables to cook by remaining heat.
You may prepare delicious meals.

Available for boiling
Capable for warming up baby food and/or melting chocolate or butter in combination with different pots in dimensions.

The company guarantees the quality extending over 10 years.
The company guarantees the quality of our products extending over 10 years
so that customers may use for a long time.

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